Property Management & Operations

To submit a work request for office or commercial buildings managed by Harvard Real Estate, please visit Building Engines.

To confirm that you are in an HRE-managed building, please call (617) 384-7700.

Property Contact Property Team

Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center, Cambridge

Howells Memorial, Maine

126 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge

1430 Massachusetts Ave (2nd & 4th floors), Cambridge

65R Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge


Kristen Hurston, Property Manager

Property Administrator

Joe Ribas, Property Operations Assistant

Mark Aston, Property Operations Assistant

ABM Facility Services

Artemas Ward Museum, Shrewsbury

2 Arrow St, Cambridge

46 Blackstone St (North & South), Cambridge

Harvard Faculty Club (20 Quincy St), Cambridge

29 Garden St, Cambridge *

8 Holyoke St, Cambridge

Loeb House (17 Quincy St), Cambridge

1236-1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge *

1300-1316 Mass Ave, Cambridge *

1326-1328 Mass Ave, Cambridge *

784 Memorial Drive, Cambridge

78 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge

132 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge

134 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge

140-142 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge

12-12A Plympton St, Cambridge *

University Place (124 Mt. Auburn St), Cambridge **

114-124 Western Ave, Allston

65-67 Winthrop St, Cambridge
* Property management by HUH; lease administration by HRE

** Property management by Boston Properties, lease administration by HRE


Matthew Coady, Assistant Director of Operations

Helina Dagne, Assistant Property Manager

Catherine Milmoe, Property Administrator

Christopher Shea, Property Operations Assistant

Jack Berman, Property Operations Assistant

26-28 Church St, Cambridge

32-42 Church St, Cambridge

33 Elmwood Ave, Cambridge

Lippman House (1 Francis St), Cambridge

1033 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Mass Hall, Cambridge

Memorial Church, Cambridge

90 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge

114 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge

5 Sacramento St, Cambridge

Sparks House (21 Kirkland St), Cambridge

8 Story St, Cambridge

14 Story St, Cambridge

17 South St, Cambridge

26 Trowbridge St, Cambridge

7 Ware St, Cambridge


Kathy McCarthy, Assistant Director of Operations

Kelli Alvarez, Assistant Property Manager

Peggy Evers, Property Administrator

Al Brito, Property Operations Assistant

Joe Ribas, Property Operations Assistant

Mark Aston, Property Operations Assistant

ArtLab (140 N. Harvard St), Allston

55 Antwerp St, Brighton

Beacon Park Yard, Allston

Brighton Mills Shopping Center

Ed Portal (224 Western Ave), Allston

206-208 Everett St, Allston

100-120 Holton St, Brighton

176 Lincoln St, Allston

175 North Harvard St, Allston

204-206 North Harvard St, Allston

210 North Harvard St, Allston

288-290 North Harvard St, Allston

60 Oxford St, Cambridge

14 Rena St, Allston

Sackler Museum (485 Broadway), Cambridge

65-79 Seattle St, Allston

84 Seattle St, Allston

90 Seattle St, Allston

15 Speedway Ave, Allston

1120 Soldiers Field Rd, Allston

1230 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton

1284 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton

1300 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton

1320 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton

1330 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton

1340 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton

1380 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton

9 Travis St, Allston

28 Travis St, Allston

38 Travis St, Allston

Wadsworth House, Cambridge

168 Western Ave, Allston

182 Western Ave, Allston

224 Western Ave, Allston

267 Western Ave, Allston

273 Western Ave, Allston

277-279 Western Ave, Allston

281-283 Western Ave, Allston

287 Western Ave, Allston

415 Western Ave, Brighton

445-447 Western Ave, Brighton

501-505 Western Ave, Brighton

617 496-4523

Joe Jones, Assistant Director of Operations

Thomas Chapman, Assistant Property Manager

Edison Vergara, Assistant Property Manager

Teresa Merejo Grimes, Property Administrator

Kris Radenkov, Property Operations Assistant

Jerry Broy, Property Operations Assistant

Maddie Cave, Property Operations Assistant

ABM Facility Services

If your property is not listed above, please call 617-384-7700

James Barbas serves as Chief Facilities Operations Manager and supports all HRE properties