Harvard's Sustainability Commitments

Harvard President Drew Faust with eco-rep studentsHarvard’s commitment to sustainability is driven by three flagship University-wide commitments, administered through the Office for Sustainability and in partnership with the Schools and Central Administration:

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Goal to reduce GHG emissions 30% below a 2006 baseline by 2016, including growth (adopted in 2008). University-wide GHG emissions have declined by 10.4% from FY06-FY10, including growth. When 3 million square feet of growth is excluded, emissions declined by 20.3% in the same time period. For the first time, every School at Harvard achieved energy reductions in the FY06-FY10 period.
  • Comprehensive Green Building Standards for capital projects, renovations and building system upgrades that require a smart design process incorporating life cycle costing, integrated design, energy modeling when applicable and other elements that ensure all sustainable design and operations opportunities are vetted and that performance requirements are achieved in a cost-effective manner (Adopted 2009, building on the 2007 Green Building Guidelines).
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