Meet Our Property Management Teams

Use this chart to find out who manages your building:

Property Management Office Phone Property Team

Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center  

1 Bow St.

34-41 Church St.

7 Sacramento St. Lot

Howells Memorial

126 Mt. Auburn St.


 Kristen Hurston, Assistant Property Manager

784 Memorial Drive

8 Holyoke St.

University Place (Boston Properties)

132 Mt. Auburn St.

134 Mt. Auburn St.

140-142 Mt. Auburn St.

65-67 Winthrop St.

2 Arrow St.

46 Blackstone St., North & South

Artemas Ward Museum

114-124 Western Ave

617-384-7969 Matthew Coady, Property Manager

44R Brattle St.

26-28 Church St.

32-42 Church St.

1 Francis St.

1033 Mass. Ave.

Mass Hall

114 Mt. Auburn St.

5 Sacremento St.

8 Story St.

14 Story St. 

17 South St.

26 Trowbridge St.

7 Ware St.


Kathy McCarthy, Property Manager

Cheryl Burley, Property Administrator   

33 Elmwood St.

Faculty Club    

Memorial Church

78 Mt. Auburn St.

90 Mt. Auburn St.

60 Oxford St.

Sackler Museum

Sparks House

17 Quincy St. (Loeb House)

Wadsworth House 


Gail Olivier, Property Manager

Cathy Milmoe, Property Administrator

All Allston properties

617 495-7753

Joe Jones, Senior Property Manager
Karen Goncalves-Dolan, Assistant Property Manager
Cynthia Brunck, Property Accounts Administrator

If your property is not listed above, please call (617)384-7700

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