Harvard Real Estate - Property Management

Our Property Management Teams are responsible for the overall operation of Harvard Real Estate's real estate assets, including preventive maintenance, heating and cooling, cleaning, and everything else it takes to run our buildings efficiently. Our approximately 3.5 million square foot portfolio is unique in that it contains a museum, two hotels, a book depository, a vacation home, retail space, office buildings, and historic structures.

Temperature Settings

Harvard Real Estate operates its buildings in accordance with the Harvard University Temperature Policy, a framework for achieving a healthy, productive, and safe working environment while reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions to the lowest practicable level. This Policy was implemented in July 2009 on the recommendation of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal Executive Committee and Building Efficiency and Demand Management Working Group.

  • During the winter heating season (October 16 – May 14), occupied spaces will be heated to 68-71° F; each School or Department will determine their specific targets.
  • During the summer cooling season (May 15 – October 15), occupied spaces will be cooled to 74-76° F (where air conditioning equipment currently exists); each School or Department will determine their specific targets. Buildings with stringent humidity requirements may operate below this range.
  • Occupants are also reminded that personal space heaters or other heating or cooling devices may present a safety risk and are prohibited from use unless provided by the building manager.

Building Access

For questions regarding building access, door schedules, etc., please contact your Property Management Office.

Moves and Renovations

Please contact your Property Management Office prior to scheduling a move or beginning a renovation project. For renovations, your Property Team will work with you to approve plans and coordinate any necessary changes in associated building systems. For moves, they can provide specific building rules and guidelines for use of elevators, etc. during your move.

All vendors working on Harvard property must first submit a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) to your Property Management Office. This memo can be given to your contractor or sent directly to their insurance company for compliance. Please contact your Property Management Office for the actual copy for you to submit as they sometimes vary depending on location. HRE must receive a current COI updated with this information prior to any work beginning on Harvard property.

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