Visitor Permit FAQs

Q. How do I arrange for a one-day parking permit for any visitor to the University?

A. You or your guest may purchase a visitor's permit either from the Parking office, or from the self service Daily Parking Permit purchasing system. The online system is highly recommended for its convenience and 24-hour availability. Permits must be purchased prior to arrival at the parking facility, and must be displayed at all times when parked on campus. If the permit is purchased at the Parking office, payment may be made by cash, check, credit card, or 33-digit billing code. If the permit is purchased online, payment may be made by credit card (excluding University Purchasing Cards) or 33-digit billing code. Please note that a waiting period of up to ten days is possible for online billing code approval. 

Permits may not be purchased over the phone. Except for the Business School Lot, permits may not be purchased at any parking facility.

Q.  I keep getting an error message when trying to pay for my permit order. How can I complete the transaction? 
A.  Recent updated versions of select web browsers may not support the One Day Online Permit Purchasing System. If you are receiving an error message when connecting to the PayPal site, you can try to use a different web browser (i.e. Firefox, Safari, et cetera). If you are still experiencing difficulty, you can certainly contact our main office for assistance.

Q. I need to purchase a visitor's permit at the last minute, after office hours, and I have no access to a computer. Can I still park on campus? 
A. Please proceed to the Business School Lot, which is staffed twenty-four hours a day, year-round. You may purchase a permit for the lot at the guard booth.

Q. How do I register a 33-digit billing code to use on the self service Daily Parking Permit system? 
After logging in with your Harvard ID and PIN, click on the "My Account" button near the top of the screen. From here, click on the "ID Billing Profiles" button. You may add a new billing code, or modify or delete an existing one. If you are adding, please note that approval may take up to ten days, although the process may be expedited if you contact Parking Services and request approval. You must log out of the system after registering the code, then log back in to use it for payment.

Q. I'm trying to add a permit online, and the system is telling me the permit was already added. What can I do? 
Please double-check the license plate number you have entered. If it is incorrect, there is a chance another person has entered that plate for the same facility (e.g.: if you entered "CRIMSON 1" instead of "CRIMSON 2", "CRIMSON 1" may have already purchased a permit for the same facility on the same date). This is rare, but it has happened. If your plate information is correct, click on the "My Permits" button near the top of the screen to review any permits you may have requested. If the desired permit appears, click the "Checkout" button to purchase this permit.

Q. How do I cancel a visitor's permit I've purchased? 
To cancel any visitor's permit purchased from the Parking office or from the self service purchasing system, the permit must be brought back to the Parking office prior to the date printed on the permit. Cancellations will not be considered if the permit has expired.

Q. Where are the parking facilities located on campus? 
For information about parking locations, and directions to visitor parking facilities, please visit our Directions & Maps page.

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