On-Street (Cambridge) Occupancy Permits

The procurement of City of Cambridge Street Occupancy permits is a service that we provide for special events that are organized by Harvard University schools and departments. Parking Services manages the entire process from the initial request through the conclusion of the event.  This is a convenient and time saving service for customers.  

Beginning July 1, 2011 the fee for procuring City of Cambridge Street Occupancy permits through Parking Services will be $50 per permit requested.  The final customer cost will be this fee plus the cost of the permit(s) that is passed along by the City of Cambridge.  Those costs are calculated based on the type and duration of the permit(s) requested.

If multiple City of Cambridge Street Occupancy Permits are required for the same event, please see the fee scale below:

    • 1 permit = $50
    • 2-5 permits = $100
    • 6-10 permits = $150
    • 11+ permits = $200

Parking Services provides the following services with each permit request: 

    • Receives and reviews the initial request.
    • Submits request via the City of Cambridge on-line request system.
    • Receives approved permit PDF from City of Cambridge and forwards to requester via E-mail.
    • Checks signage daily beginning three days prior to the event through the day of the event to ensure signage is posted properly.
    • Coordinates with City of Cambridge to replace any missing signage.
    • Coordinates with the Cambridge Police Department if illegally parked vehicles are interfering with an event.
    • Coordinates payment to City of Cambridge.
    • Forwards a final invoice to the requesting department and arranges for final inter-departmental billing.

For additional information on City of Cambridge Street Occupancy permits please contact Parking Services Operation Manager Jim Kotzuba at 617 496-2917 or via email at james_kotzuba@harvard.edu

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