Campus Services Helps Reshape Allston

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SEC Building

A number of Campus Services departments have helped make the new Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) one of the healthiest and most sustainable research laboratories in the world. Set to open this fall, the 544,000 square-foot complex has been recognized by two international building certification programs. Part of this amazing success is driven by the building’s innovative architecture, use healthy building materials, and Harvard’s new District Energy Facility (DEF) in Allston which provides a flexible and more sustainable energy supply. In addition, the Capitol Projects team, Environmental Health & Safety, Green Building Services, and Office for Sustainability were instrumental in guiding development of the SEC from conception to completion. The eight story building will play a key role in Harvard’s Sustainability Plan and help reach the University’s goals to be fossil fuel-neutral by 2026 and fossil fuel-free by 2050. To learn more about how these certifications were achieved and what makes this building so remarkable, read the full story in the Harvard Gazette.