• U.S. Mail - HUMS delivers U.S. Mail to most of Harvard's addresses in Cambridge and will pick up outgoing U.S. Mail, with or without postage, from any delivery point.
  • Inter-Office Mail - HUMS delivers inter-office mail addressed to Harvard affiliates in Cambridge, Allston, or the Longwood Medical Area. Faculty, students, and staff all have access to the inter-office system.
  • Metering Service - Mail metering is provided to any Harvard affiliate and HUMS will apply postage to any item that the USPS will accept.
  • Courier Service - Packages and important documents can be brought quickly by courier from one Harvard office to another, throughout the Cambridge and Allston campuses.
  • Mail Centers - HUMS manages the mail centers at Harvard Divinity School, Center for Government and International Affairs, William James Hall, the GSAS Residence Halls (Perkins Hall), Eliot House, Kirkland House, and Winthrop House.
  • Student Mail Forwarding - We forward U.S. Mail for students, faculty, and scholars living in the Undergraduate Houses, as well as students in the GSAS Residence Halls and Vanderbilt Hall, HMS.
  • Mail Communications Center (MCC) - MCC is a full service internal mail house. Our primary goal is to provide University departments with solutions to their mail needs. We offer the following services:
    • Inkjet and hand labeling
    • Machine/hand inserts
    • Bulk mail sorting – 1st class, Periodicals, Standard Mail
    • International mail services-bulk
    • Metering
    • Black and white reproduction services
    • Folding
    • Postal data update services – National change of address
    • Collating/kit making – specialized projects
    • High quality poster printing
    • Personalized direct mail
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