Fire Alarm Reporting

Fire AlarmLocated at 46 Blackstone Street, the Operations Center is a UL Listed Proprietary Station for Harvard University fire alarm monitoring.  There are approximately 325 building accounts located on the Cambridge / Allston Campus that are monitored by the Operations Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Fire Alarms are received via a campus fire alarm “loop” which is a dedicated fiber network.  Buildings that are not on the fire loop transmit alarms via phone dialers to the Operations Center. 

Alarms and signals from building fire alarm panels are processed using receivers and a state of the art alarm processing software.  Information such as building address, zone information, emergency information and account numbers are stored in this system.  This system allows the Operations Center to work with customers, vendors and fire mechanics to eliminates “false” alarms due to testing of building systems, panels, sprinkler systems or known faulty conditions that are being serviced.  In addition, the Operations Center also monitors for trouble conditions, carbon monoxide alarms and other life safety signals from building fire alarm panels.

Once a fire alarm condition occurs at the building, the local building alarm system activates and a signal is sent viaSprinkler the fire loop or dialers immediately to the Operations Center.  The alarm is acknowledged by trained Systems Operators and dispatched immediately to the appropriate fire department, Harvard University Police, FMO Fire Mechanics and/or Building contacts.   Information about Disabled Occupants or Occupants who may need assistance evacuating a building is also conveyed to the Fire Department and HUPD.  If there is fire confirmed at the building, appropriate building personnel, emergency contacts and emergency responders are notified immediately by the Operations Center. 

The Facilities Incident Notification System (FINS) allows building managers to update protocols and building emergency contacts for fire alarms.

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